1131 Kingston Passivhaus

Designed and constructed by Industrious Design

Designed to comply with the German Passivhaus standard, which only allows for very low energy consumption for heating, cooling, and to power appliances. It is not directly comparable to the Australian Star Rating scheme, but is roughly equivalent to between 8.5 and 9.5 stars.

This is achieved by super-insulation, very high levels of airtightness, high-performance windows, and no thermal bridges (small areas of no or low insulation).


The design was started in 2010, and the constructed building was formally certified to the Passivhaus standard in 2014, missing out on being the first to be certified in Australia by a few weeks.


Stage 2 of the construction will commence in 2016, with the completion of the roof top garden, and Reed Bed system for greywater re-use.