Structural steel design and documentation


Using the same skills for detailing our designs, coupled with our knowledge of manufacturing processes, we also detail structural steel for others where the design is intricate or contains many unique parts. In these situations it can be too difficult to manage all the parts with traditional 2D drawings and manually created parts lists.



3D Model

Working from architectural and structural engineering drawings, we create a fully detailed 3D model of the design. This has all members with correct sections, all fasteners, and is constructed to the correct RL (relative level). 


Doing this highlights the often unforeseen discrepancies in the conceptual design and ensures everything fits together. This results in minimal to zero site rework, meaning lower costs, more certainty in quoting, and less project delays.



Detailed drawings

Drawings will full manufacturing detail are created - driven by the 3D model. 


Assembly drawings show where all parts are in the structure and how they go together with minimal to zero ambiguity. 


Part drawings show the size and detail of individual pieces of steel. These drawings are arranged in the same way they need to be built in the real world so that everything makes sense.


These techniques makes life easy for the fabricator by reducing the required mental effort to comprehend what has to be made, and reduces errors due to misunderstanding the drawings. 



Fully accurate Parts Lists (Bills of Materials)

Parts lists are created automatically, guaranteeing they are 100% accurate to the 3D model.


Each actual piece of steel gets a unique part number, simplifying ordering and tracking. 


We create both pyramid and flat style parts lists. A tree parts list shows what parts and sub-assemblies are required for a particular assembly. A flat parts list shows all parts used throughout the entire design. Used together, these are very powerful, and can be used directly for ordering.